Back in Colorado

We arrived back in Colorado on Memorial Day. We have been busy getting Beau fixed up/cleaned up. First was a stop at Auto Truck Service for our 30,000 mile service. Then up to Monument so we could settle in and clean/organize our stuff. We have been traveling for 19 months and it is time to off load the stuff we are not using. We will also be picking up our mountain bikes out of storage so we will finally have some wheels again. Boy it is funny seeing space in our compartments. They were pretty packed.

Had a chance to visit with friends as well. It’s always fun to catch up, see everyone and notice the changes both in people and places. Last Sunday, we had a picnic at Fox Run Regional Park. Other than being on the cool side (low 50’s) it was a great time.

Kip decided to give us an excuse to see the vet. On Tuesday, Bev noticed a huge wound on his inside left rear leg. Very nasty looking, but according to the vet, a superficial laceration. Twenty stitches later, he came home with an inflatable collar in place of the usual e-collar and is now up to date on his vaccinations too. Our vet,  Dr. Jensen introduced us to her new 5 week old puppy, Mollie. She is a cute collie, border collie, german shepard mix.

I’m still working on the itinerary for the year. I’ve added a list of places we are planning on visiting to the sidebar. We are going to have so much fun learning new things and seeing all the beautiful scenery. Can’t wait.


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