Maintenance, Friends and Family

In mid-September we said good-bye to Washington after six wonderful weeks in “The Evergreen State.” As we stated in our last post, “We can’t wait to go back.” There was so much we left unexplored or didn’t have enough time to explore in-depth. But we had to point Beau back east in order to fulfill previous commitments and take care of business.

First stop was our home state of twenty-four years. Colorado. Beau needed a 36,000 mile check-up and we visited friends we were unable to see the last time through as well as revisit a few we had seen before. Then there was the matter of off-loading. We’ve been on the road almost two years now but we are still finding things we originally took with us that we are going, “Hey, we never use that or we don’t need that.” So we off-load items into storage and Beau is all the happier for having a little less weight on board.

Our second stop, Michigan. But on the way we revisited the Tall Grass Prairie National Preserve that we had originally seen in 2017. If you followed us on Facebook, pre-blog, you know we were there in July. Only the tall grass wasn’t tall. It was about two feet high. It’s not until the fall that it reaches its full potential of 5-6 feet in height. So, we had to stop. After all, it was September and we figured we’d finally be stepping in tall grass. And we did. Rhonda will be writing and posting pics from our time there soon. Then there was a second “detour” as it were, this time in Indiana at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. Couldn’t stay as long as we would like but we did get a chance to look around, tramp along Lake Michigan with the dogs and find out what it’s like to be exhausted hiking up and down dunes in soft sand. It’s also an upcoming post. Finally, we crossed over into Michigan. We visited with family and we shared some good conversation with lots of laughter. To all of them we say, “We really love you guys!”

At last we turned Beau south and dropped down into Ohio, the state we were born and ran away from in our youth. So obviously, Ohio is home to family too. We arrived October 1st and it looks like we will be here for a little over a month taking care of family matters. Yeah, we’re Baby Boomers with a responsibility to our parents, or in this case, the last one standing, my mom. Then there is my brother, who also owns an RV, and with whom I can’t help but talk rving with. In November we expect to turn Beau back towards the west till the end of December. During that time we will be in Arizona, drop down into Mexico for a little dental hygiene, and visit a few sites in New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Kentucky as we make our way back to…Ohio.

Whew! What a ride! Hope everyone will keep following as we wrap-up the year.

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