Life Adjustments

Wow, we didn’t realize how long it had been since our last post. Let us fill you in on what we did in 2019 (spoiler alert – it was a doozy).

When we last posted, Bev was starting her job at Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Area and we were living in our RV at a mobile home park. We were also working on trying to meet the needs of Bev’s mom. We realized the place she was living could not provide the daily help she required. After much soul-searching, we started looking for a house for the three of us to move into. The price of rentals was out of the question. Way too costly. We decided to buy a home instead. It took several months, but in August, we finally found a home that would work for us…with modifications, of course.

Moving two households took quite a bit of logistics. First we had to move our stuff from Beau, our RV. But before that we had to find a suitable place to store him. Fortunately we found an indoor space (yay). We offloaded our belongings, moved them to the house, and now Beau is safely tucked away. A trickle charge flows through his electronic system, while he quietly awaits our return.

Next up, a quick trip back to Colorado to retrieve our belongings from storage. Returning to Dayton, we unpacked and began hunting for furniture. We had sold everything in 2016 not knowing that we would have a need for it three years later. Furniture bought, (thank you Wayfair, you did have what we needed) we turned to remodeling the house for our new roommate – mom. Finally, we packed-up and moved mom and her belongings. It took two very hectic months to accomplish. We are eternally grateful to Bev’s sister who came to our rescue and helped us during this period.

Since then it hasn’t been all smooth sailing . We had a huge adjustment to make. Going from being on the road, fulltime, to stick-n-bricks again takes some mental and emotional gymnastics. We do miss being on the road, exploring this great country, but in light of the pandemic this year, it is probably just as well we are stationary. In addition, we’ve had to wrap our heads around the fact that we are now caregivers for an aging parent.

As we settle in, we hope to do some day-trips to historic and natural sites in the area. With the pandemic, those plans will have to wait. In the meantime, we’ll be working on writing up interesting articles on the things we have learned about the Wright Brothers, Paul Laurence Dunbar, bicycle racing, early aviators, and Dayton’s history. That should keep us busy until we can start going out to explore.

Thanks to all our readers who have stuck with us, even as we fell into a silent virtual hole. You rock!

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  1. Great to hear from you! Life changes & we go with the flow… glad you are well. Stay that way!😘

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