Wandering Through Washington, Part III

Wow, still more to come in Washington. After our fabulous stay in Anacortes, we headed south to Auburn, outside of Seattle. Next up was a trip to the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park. The park is in downtown Seattle and occupies two floors of the historic Cadillac Hotel. It is a satellite site of the main location in Dyea, Alaska. Now, why would there be a satellite park for the Klondike Gold Rush? The answer was found in the exhibits of the museum. Continue reading “Wandering Through Washington, Part III”

Wandering Through Washington, Part II

After stuffing ourselves on blackberries in Concrete, it was time to move on further west to Anacortes for a visit to two more parks. The first one was Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve (NHR) on Whidbey Island. Continue reading “Wandering Through Washington, Part II”

Wandering through Washington, Part I

July 26, we left Idaho behind and made our way into Washington. First stop, Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area. It was a nice drive from Idaho, except going through Spokane. I swear, they put a traffic light every 200 feet. And we were getting stopped at every, single one. For miles. Ugh! But we did have a great laugh before we got to Spokane. As we approached a small town, we saw a deer crossing sign coming up. When we got close, it said “Warning! Suicidal Deer.” That had us laughing for awhile!

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Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area, Utah

As much as we enjoyed our stay in Rapid City, it was time to move on. On July 5th, we packed up, and as Bev was retracting the jacks, I noticed a big oil leak. We just had an oil change in Colorado so we weren’t expecting that. We called a couple of places but could not get an appointment to have it checked out. We decided to change the oil filter and see if that fixed the problem. (The oil was dripping off the filter). Lo and behold, after taking an oil bath, the new Fram filter worked perfectly. The one the shop used was bigger than the original equipment and I believe that is a problem with this engine. We will just have to remember to insist on OEM oil filters when having a shop do an oil change.

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A Stratospheric Find

A couple of days after our Wind Cave NP excursion, we wanted to take the dogs on a nice hike. So I googled for hiking trails and found one called the Stratobowl Trail. It was about .25 miles from the campground and about 1.7 miles one way. Sounded like a good candidate – easy hike with a view. Continue reading “A Stratospheric Find”

Guernsey, WY

Welcome to Guernsey State Park (GSP). GSP is both a reservoir and recreation area located outside the small town of Guernsey near the eastern Wyoming border. It began in 1927 as a reservoir when the Federal Bureau of Reclamation built a dam on the North Platte River to provide the area with hydroelectric power, flood protection and irrigation water to farms. Later, during the 1930s, the Bureau of Federal Reclamation, the National Park Service and the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) would combine their knowledge and resources to develop the reservoir into a multi-use recreation area as well. A recreation area which we are now using as our jumping off point to state and national historical sites, landmarks and monuments. Continue reading “Guernsey, WY”