Life Adjustments

Wow, we didn’t realize how long it had been since our last post. Let us fill you in on what we did in 2019 (spoiler alert – it was a doozy).

When we last posted, Bev was starting her job at Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Area and we were living in our RV at a mobile home park. We were also working on trying to meet the needs of Bev’s mom. We realized the place she was living could not provide the daily help she required. After much soul-searching, we started looking for a house for the three of us to move into. The price of rentals was out of the question. Way too costly. We decided to buy a home instead. It took several months, but in August, we finally found a home that would work for us…with modifications, of course.

Moving two households took quite a bit of logistics. First we had to move our stuff from Beau, our RV. But before that we had to find a suitable place to store him. Fortunately we found an indoor space (yay). We offloaded our belongings, moved them to the house, and now Beau is safely tucked away. A trickle charge flows through his electronic system, while he quietly awaits our return.

Next up, a quick trip back to Colorado to retrieve our belongings from storage. Returning to Dayton, we unpacked and began hunting for furniture. We had sold everything in 2016 not knowing that we would have a need for it three years later. Furniture bought, (thank you Wayfair, you did have what we needed) we turned to remodeling the house for our new roommate – mom. Finally, we packed-up and moved mom and her belongings. It took two very hectic months to accomplish. We are eternally grateful to Bev’s sister who came to our rescue and helped us during this period.

Since then it hasn’t been all smooth sailing . We had a huge adjustment to make. Going from being on the road, fulltime, to stick-n-bricks again takes some mental and emotional gymnastics. We do miss being on the road, exploring this great country, but in light of the pandemic this year, it is probably just as well we are stationary. In addition, we’ve had to wrap our heads around the fact that we are now caregivers for an aging parent.

As we settle in, we hope to do some day-trips to historic and natural sites in the area. With the pandemic, those plans will have to wait. In the meantime, we’ll be working on writing up interesting articles on the things we have learned about the Wright Brothers, Paul Laurence Dunbar, bicycle racing, early aviators, and Dayton’s history. That should keep us busy until we can start going out to explore.

Thanks to all our readers who have stuck with us, even as we fell into a silent virtual hole. You rock!

No, we didn’t fall off the earth…

Just a quick memo as to what in the heck we have been up to this year.

We returned to Ohio in December, if you remember from our last blog entry. It was a long but uneventful drive from Arizona to Dayton, Ohio. We saw a quirky Road Runner statue made out of trash in Las Cruces, New Mexico and we stayed at our first Army Corps of Engineers campground outside of Little Rock, Arkansas. That was a real treat.  Too bad we only stayed one night. After that, we found ourselves having to adjust to a new reality which involves taking care of family as part of our normal day-to-day life. So we parked Beau, our RV, caught up on some repairs, then skirted him as we settled in for the winter. As the temperatures dropped, the wind picked up, and snow fell we received some news that entailed starting a new adventure.

What’s that new adventure? Well the exciting news is Bev has been hired as an Interpretive Park Ranger for the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park! It is a six month appointment and fulfills a childhood dream. We have always thought it would be pretty cool to be a Park Ranger. Now Bev will have first hand knowledge and experience. We visited this particular national park a year ago and wrote about it on my Facebook page. Due to space concerns, I was pretty light on the history side of the post.  Now, with Bev working there, expect to have fun reading about the history of the Wright Brothers, Paul Laurence Dunbar, and Dayton, Ohio as we explore in our blog all she is learning from her work.  Stay tuned for those posts.

Big travel plans are off the table for the near term, but we are still planning on visiting national park sites in Ohio. The Hopewell Culture National Monument is not too far away as well as the Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument. After that we plan on visiting other sites in Ohio and neighboring states. So stay with us as we work on a new schedule to fit our current situation. As always, “Happy Trails,” till we post again.


Maintenance, Friends and Family

In mid-September we said good-bye to Washington after six wonderful weeks in “The Evergreen State.” As we stated in our last post, “We can’t wait to go back.” There was so much we left unexplored or didn’t have enough time to explore in-depth. But we had to point Beau back east in order to fulfill previous commitments and take care of business.

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Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area, Utah

As much as we enjoyed our stay in Rapid City, it was time to move on. On July 5th, we packed up, and as Bev was retracting the jacks, I noticed a big oil leak. We just had an oil change in Colorado so we weren’t expecting that. We called a couple of places but could not get an appointment to have it checked out. We decided to change the oil filter and see if that fixed the problem. (The oil was dripping off the filter). Lo and behold, after taking an oil bath, the new Fram filter worked perfectly. The one the shop used was bigger than the original equipment and I believe that is a problem with this engine. We will just have to remember to insist on OEM oil filters when having a shop do an oil change.

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What a wonderful week we had

Man, this has been a great week. We did a lot and had some fun along the way.

Sunday, it rained. All. Day. Long. We stayed inside watched tv and basically chilled.

Monday, was clear. We put ourselves to the task we had been holding off on forever. Cleaning Beau. Started about 8:30. Finished about 5. Giving an RV a bucket wash (no hose washing allowed) is a long, tiring, but needed task. Continue reading “What a wonderful week we had”

♬On the Road Again♫

This morning we’re hitting the road for our first destination of the summer season. As usual, we’ll begin our journey with our rowdy acapella rendition of Willy Nelson’s “On the Road Again.” The song sets the mood as we begin our adventures again and has been a tradition since day one when we hit the road in 2016. Continue reading “♬On the Road Again♫”

Back in Colorado

We arrived back in Colorado on Memorial Day. We have been busy getting Beau fixed up/cleaned up. First was a stop at Auto Truck Service for our 30,000 mile service. Then up to Monument so we could settle in and clean/organize our stuff. We have been traveling for 19 months and it is time to off load the stuff we are not using. We will also be picking up our mountain bikes out of storage so we will finally have some wheels again. Boy it is funny seeing space in our compartments. They were pretty packed.

Had a chance to visit with friends as well. It’s always fun to catch up, see everyone and notice the changes both in people and places. Last Sunday, we had a picnic at Fox Run Regional Park. Other than being on the cool side (low 50’s) it was a great time.

Kip decided to give us an excuse to see the vet. On Tuesday, Bev noticed a huge wound on his inside left rear leg. Very nasty looking, but according to the vet, a superficial laceration. Twenty stitches later, he came home with an inflatable collar in place of the usual e-collar and is now up to date on his vaccinations too. Our vet,  Dr. Jensen introduced us to her new 5 week old puppy, Mollie. She is a cute collie, border collie, german shepard mix.

I’m still working on the itinerary for the year. I’ve added a list of places we are planning on visiting to the sidebar. We are going to have so much fun learning new things and seeing all the beautiful scenery. Can’t wait.