A Stratospheric Find

A couple of days after our Wind Cave NP excursion, we wanted to take the dogs on a nice hike. So I googled for hiking trails and found one called the Stratobowl Trail. It was about .25 miles from the campground and about 1.7 miles one way. Sounded like a good candidate – easy hike with a view. Continue reading “A Stratospheric Find”

Wind Cave National Park


The next morning after our aborted trip to the Badlands (arrived at noon to way too many people so we decided to return on another day), we made our way to Wind Cave National Park. We had heard that the cave parks were also heavily visited, so we made sure to arrive when they opened at 8am. You can only view the cave on a tour and there are several to choose from. The park is free, but the tours are not. With Bev’s Access Pass, we paid $18 for the two of us. We were lucky to get the Natural Entrance tour at 8:40. The route stays in the middle cave area and descends for a half mile. The tour lasts one hour twenty minutes.

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What a wonderful week we had

Man, this has been a great week. We did a lot and had some fun along the way.

Sunday, it rained. All. Day. Long. We stayed inside watched tv and basically chilled.

Monday, was clear. We put ourselves to the task we had been holding off on forever. Cleaning Beau. Started about 8:30. Finished about 5. Giving an RV a bucket wash (no hose washing allowed) is a long, tiring, but needed task. Continue reading “What a wonderful week we had”

Devils Tower National Monument

Talk about iconic. Who doesn’t think of Close Encounters of the Third Kind when talking about Devils Tower? They even sell copies of the movie in the visitor center bookstore! Rising up from the plains, it is very distinctive. The striations in the sheer walls, nothing like it anywhere in sight, it is definitely unique.

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Our Whirlwind Tuesday

Originally I had planned on 3 days to visit Laramie, Scotts Bluff and Agate Fossil Beds. However, we had rain all day on Sunday. Then on Monday we had to take Kip to a vet to remove the staple stitches from his leg. So we ended up visiting Scotts Bluff and Agate on Tuesday (Fort Laramie was visited on Saturday). Finally I added Chimney Rock since it was only 40 minutes from Scotts Bluff. So here is how the day went. Continue reading “Our Whirlwind Tuesday”

Fort Laramie National Historic Site, Wyoming


Fort Laramie in eastern Wyoming was, in its day, the cross roads of America. For most of the 1800s it served the vast number of emigrants heading west as part of the great western migration. Four historic trails passed through it, the Oregon, California, Mormon, and the Pony Express. As the fort grew, it gained importance as the main military outpost in the Northern Plains, responsible for negotiating treaties with the Northern Plains Indians. It was also the communication and transportation hub for the northern Rocky Mountain region. Continue reading “Fort Laramie National Historic Site, Wyoming”

Guernsey, WY

Welcome to Guernsey State Park (GSP). GSP is both a reservoir and recreation area located outside the small town of Guernsey near the eastern Wyoming border. It began in 1927 as a reservoir when the Federal Bureau of Reclamation built a dam on the North Platte River to provide the area with hydroelectric power, flood protection and irrigation water to farms. Later, during the 1930s, the Bureau of Federal Reclamation, the National Park Service and the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) would combine their knowledge and resources to develop the reservoir into a multi-use recreation area as well. A recreation area which we are now using as our jumping off point to state and national historical sites, landmarks and monuments. Continue reading “Guernsey, WY”

♬On the Road Again♫

This morning we’re hitting the road for our first destination of the summer season. As usual, we’ll begin our journey with our rowdy acapella rendition of Willy Nelson’s “On the Road Again.” The song sets the mood as we begin our adventures again and has been a tradition since day one when we hit the road in 2016. Continue reading “♬On the Road Again♫”