Wind Cave National Park


The next morning after our aborted trip to the Badlands (arrived at noon to way too many people so we decided to return on another day), we made our way to Wind Cave National Park. We had heard that the cave parks were also heavily visited, so we made sure to arrive when they opened at 8am. You can only view the cave on a tour and there are several to choose from. The park is free, but the tours are not. With Bev’s Access Pass, we paid $18 for the two of us. We were lucky to get the Natural Entrance tour at 8:40. The route stays in the middle cave area and descends for a half mile. The tour lasts one hour twenty minutes.

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Devils Tower National Monument

Talk about iconic. Who doesn’t think of Close Encounters of the Third Kind when talking about Devils Tower? They even sell copies of the movie in the visitor center bookstore! Rising up from the plains, it is very distinctive. The striations in the sheer walls, nothing like it anywhere in sight, it is definitely unique.

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